Relay Recess

My school had a Relay Recces for the cancer survivors in our area. We had activities for the k-3 kids that you can do to prevent cancer. The 4-6 graders came and we had a lap for the survivors and then we had a free time with the DJ and the bouncy house we rented. Then we had lunch and the elementary kids went back to school. We did the same things for the older kids as we did for the little kids. Total we made $1,778.90 in fundraisers we did for the American Cancer Society.

2 thoughts on “Relay Recess

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  2. Hi Deven,
    We really like this idea of cancer fund raising! One of our cousins had cancer and he did alot of fund raisers himself, we even had one at our high school. Our old school also had something similar, but we took a lap around a track and it was for diabetes.
    -Wiper and Triple T

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