Deven’s History Museum

Here is some stuff from my museum. There is a bowling shirt, milk bottle, spurs, and more. We got the bowling shirt from my uncle that owns Bunkers Dunkers.

History Museum

Click here to see the rest of my museum.

6 thoughts on “Deven’s History Museum

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  2. Hi Deven,
    I teach middle school in Venice, Florida. My class is new to blogging this year, and we are learning a lot from your class blog. We visit it a lot. I love your teacher’s idea of creating a personal museum. She is very clever! Your photo is great and tells a lot about you. What is that tall brown item in the back? I am hoping to get my students their own blog pages sometime after Chrismas, but right now we are learning on our class blog. Their assignment for tomorrow night is a Blogging Scavenger Hunt. They have to visit our class blog as well as other class/student blogs and answer various questions about what they find. They will send some comments to you and your classmates, too! I hope they will be good comments as we are working on our writing skills. Great job on your personal museum. I’ll check back again soon! Say hello to Mrs. Krebs for me.

    ~Mrs. Donofrio

    • Dear Mrs. Donofrio
      Thank you for visiting my blog. The thing in the back is a Coffey pot that heats up if it is plugged in. If you click on the picture there are more pictures of my museum.


      • Thanks, Deven. I did click on your photo. I’m impressed at your use of technology. I am just learning about Flickr since I am just learning about blogging.
        We have put a slide show about ancient civilizations on our class blog. Come by if you have the chance!

        ~Mrs. Donofrio

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