This week we went to the Iowa TSA (Technology Student Association). We drove 4 hours to the hotel that the event was in. I was in 4 different events. The events were RC car, CO2 car, Chapter team, and Community service video. There are many more events that you can do but i was chosen to do those things.

RC car: You have an RC car and you race in a tournament and see who can get the most laps. We got third.

CO2 car: You make a wooden car and race them for the best time. I am not sure what I got but I didn’t place.

Chapter team: We have a group and have meetings and they judge us on how well we do. We got 2nd place and the freshmen got first.

Community service video: We had fundraisers for the American Cancer Society and made a video about it. We got first place.

Philip Gans

Today my Jr high went to see Philip Gan talk about his life. He is one of 70 people still living that survived the Holocaust. He talked about his travels and what he had to do. He was very close to death but the solder that chose his fate decided to let him live.He talked about how if the people were weak they were sent to the gas chamber. Every one was skinny and that is how they became weak. I learned today that we shouldn’t take things for granted.

Genius Hour

For genius hour I am making a stop motion animation with cars. I am doing it with my friend Joey. I have been doing this for 3 genius hours and the last genius hour I had 2 more friends join because we are doing a clip with so many cars. This last genius hour we did a NASCAR theme of the video. We were almost done but they had to set up tables and chairs where we were filming so we came up with a solution and did a before race clip. The 2 other people were my friends Dustin and Cooper. We got a lot more done with them in our group.

My Religion Assignment

Mark 14:72 “Before the cock crows twice you will deny me three times.”

In religion we picked a psalm and made an illustration about it. In the assignment we had to find a verse from the bible and I made a picture about what is happening in the verse. It had to be Jesus talking in the verse. Here is a link to my verse in the bible. At this time Jesus was dying on the cross and Peter was remembering what Jesus had said. This verse means so many things to me. It is important to me because it was said during Jesus’ last hours


Who saved us from sin,

Help Pope Benedict in his last days as pope,

we ask this in your name.



In A World of Smartphones

 How many of you have smartphones?

A smartphone is used for many different reasons. They have apps such as Angry Birds, NBA JAM, iFunny, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more apps. It not only has apps, you can play songs and take pictures on them too!

If you want to be safe, you can purchase a case for your smartphone.

I like to think of a smartphone as mini computer.A smartphone will do anything a computer can do.

My friend and I decided to get adventurous and used our photography skills to take a picture of a collage we created of every ones smartphones in the Junior High of a total of 24 students.

What Is Genius Hour

Genius Hour is a time to have fun by learning. You can learn about things that you want to learn about. Genius hour is important because it keeps your mind active with things you don’t usually learn in school. If I was going to give advice to new people I would say that it isn’t a time to mess around. In the last genius hour I made a Lego robot and he can drive around but instead of being made for a competition he is made for show. During genius hour I learned how to build something complicated without directions. He makes noises and he also makes faces. It has 5 wheels but only 3 touch the ground. It is used like gears. One wheel spins and the other turns the opposite way.

Genius Hour

Genius hour is a time where you can make new ideas and experiment with your mind. You can research things and create things that make your mind go crazy. I like genius hour because I can do stuff that doesn’t deal with school. I can do research stuff that I have been wondering about and create original things.


I want to make a minecraft farm for genius hour. I will make a barn and a field and experiment on what to plant and see what the animals do. I will make different inventions that water and pick the plants. I will have may different animals and different colored sheep. I think that this will take a while to make and it will teach me how to do things.


I decided to not do minecraft because I don’t really have very much fun with it. I tried to connect with my friends but it didn’t work. I am going to make a movie because I am creative and I am good with computers.


My movie is going to be about a spy who is trying to stop evil people. It is going to be a short movie but first we are going to make a trailer. I am the director and my friend Brian is the main character. My friend Jason is the bad guys clones. I am going to try to make this a very good movie that is like a real movie.


We finished our movie trailer so here is a link to it. The Adventures of Agent 003


I made a robot out of Legos that drives around and makes sounds. I made it spin and I made it look like it malfunctioned. I am hopefully going to make it have different arms and things on it next genius hour.


I decided I will do the robot next genius hour. This genius hour I made a video with RC cars. This is a link to our video.



We took the extra wheels off of the robot and made it walk a Lego dog last genius hour. This genius hour I made a puzzle with a coke theme but I had some extra free time so I made paper poppers. I made them because my cousin told me about them and I had never tried it.

Relay Recess

My school had a Relay Recces for the cancer survivors in our area. We had activities for the k-3 kids that you can do to prevent cancer. The 4-6 graders came and we had a lap for the survivors and then we had a free time with the DJ and the bouncy house we rented. Then we had lunch and the elementary kids went back to school. We did the same things for the older kids as we did for the little kids. Total we made $1,778.90 in fundraisers we did for the American Cancer Society.